What Is Our Mission?

The mission of HNE Design is to vastly improve the working conditions of truckers giving them back there lives and increasing there health by developing a better design interior. This design is the SUSD Design (stand up sit down). YES, drivers will have the ability to stand up or sit down and operate the vehicle in a safe and efficient way. Giving the driver these options can promote better health, more alertness, while helping to defeat driver fatigue, heart defects, stroke, bloodclots, highblood pressure, sleep apnea, and also promote in lowering accident/incident rates improving on-time pickup and delivery times etc. The SUSD design will save big companies hundreds of millions of dollars. In order for this to happen prototypes need to be built, and studies will have to ensue, in order to confirm the quality and efficiency of the SUSD design. I am asking the public for donations to complete the task of legal fees, research, and developing the SUSD design prototype.


HNE DESIGN has set a goal to create better interiors for drivers that are subjected to extreme Sedentary Conditions,(i.e over the road, passenger bus, local drivers etc.). HNE Design will utilize the best technology that there is to offer, into its patent pending SUSD Design (stand up sit down) vehicles.

America PLEASE give as much as you can help HNE Design save the lives and increase the health of America’s 3.9 million truckers. Remember without trucks everything stops, so chip in and help save trucker’s lives.